Monthly Archives: March 2022

TWU Local 1 Update

Greetings to the members of Transport Workers Union of America Local 1,

We wanted to provide a quick update. We are continuing the work of putting the local in a good place to manage your own affairs after the local’s elections are conducted and the local is out of receivership.

We are continuing to pay the local’s monthly bills and we have been working with TWU Local 1’s accounting firm to get whatever information is available to have an audit completed. We are also revising the by-laws and once completed hope to have a copy in each and every members’ hand. Last but not least, we are proofreading the contract to make sure all the T’s are crossed, I’s dotted and the agreement is exactly what was agreed upon.

By now you should have been contacted by your Local 1 executive board members to fill out the Keep In Touch Cards. If you have not been receiving the TWU Express or other information directly from the TWU International at your home or in your email, that is because we do not have your contact information. We distributed about 75 TWU Express magazines on the properties the week of March 13. Our publication is a great way to know what is going on across the country in the TWU. Please take a minute to fill out the Keep In Touch Cards.

For more information, visit our website,, and browse.